Florida House Detox: Safely Detox In Our Medical Drug And Alcohol Detox

The Florida House Detox is a state licensed program specializing in alcohol, heroin, opiate pain medicine and prescription benzodiazepine withdrawal. We provide safe medical drug and alcohol detox while clients enjoy our comfortable, clean campus. The Florida House Detox can help you or your loved one successfully detox from drugs or alcohol and prepare to move forward in recovery. The Florida House provides medical drug and alcohol detox. Medical drug and alcohol detox is a bit different from other programs, in that it doesn’t require clients to cut all drugs or alcohol out of their system immediately.  

With medical drug detox at the Florida House, drugs and alcohol are removed from clients’ lives and prescribed medications are substituted in order to ease clients into withdrawal slowly and less painfully. The medication prescribed to clients at the Florida House Detox produces similar affects to that of the substance each client had been abusing. The staff at the Florida House Detox prescribes the dosage and will begin to taper the amount each client receives as they progress, until they are taking as little as possible and ready to move on to rehab. Florida House Detox clients may also be given medications to manage the pain and anxiety they may experience from withdrawal. Providing medication while clients are going through the Florida House program helps manage their withdrawal symptoms and keep them as comfortable as possible.

When a client first arrives at the Florida House Detox, they will be evaluated and a full medical and psychiatric history will be taken in order to get a better picture of each client’s individual situation. The Florida House Detox staff will use this information to formulate an initial treatment plan based on the clients’ needs. Their age, medical history, drug abuse history and existence of any co-occurring disorders will all be taken into consideration in order to provide the most comprehensive treatment possible. Generally, clients will need approximately 5-7 days at the Florida House Detox to complete the program, however some will need more time while others may need less.

By providing medical drug and alcohol detox at the Florida House, we are able to help clients through the worst of their withdrawal symptoms so they able to successfully complete the program and move forward in recovery. Florida House clients are monitored 24-hours a day by our experienced medical and clinical professionals to ensure their safety and keep them as comfortable as possible.  We also provide counseling and education to our clients in order to best prepare them for the next phases in recovery.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please call us now for more information on the Florida House Detox. We are available 24-hours a day to take your call and answer any questions you may have. Please call us now at (855) 299-6532 to learn more about the Florida House and how to begin your journey to recovery.