To The Siblings Of Addicts

I have written numerous articles on the parents of addicts and on the addicts themselves. Whether it is about a parent losing a drug addicted child, or about the addict’s effect on their family, I am always writing about the parents or the drug addicted individual. I have yet to tell a story, to write an article for the siblings. Which surprises me. Why? I have a younger brother and a younger sister. The effect that both my addiction and my recovery has had on them, has been profound. Yet, it isn’t a topic talked about much by me or any other addiction related site. Well it’s time.

So, here we go. This is in honor of my brother and sister, and all the brothers and sisters of every drug addict. You aren’t forgotten.

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Stabilization is the Goal of Drug Detox

DSC_0436All across the country in rural areas, small towns and our cities, we are grappling with the menace that is drug abuse and addiction. Its effects are being seen everywhere from accidents that are drug and alcohol related to drug-related crime, broken marriages, ruined families and lost jobs as a result of substance abuse. Where should these people turn to for help? When jobs are lost and families broken what is the first step to take? The first step is for one to admit that they are sick and need help to be healed. Denial makes the addiction even harder to fight. [Read more…]

The Price Of Life Just Went Up

Naloxone, the life saving drug for those in the midst of a heroin overdose, was once a cheap drug. While it isn’t entirely available to everyone, it has become more and more widespread. As the life-saving drug has become more accessible, the price has spiked. This price hike has many people worried that something that is literally touted as a miracle drug will soon become out of reach.

Naloxone can literally reverse the effects of a heroin overdose, saving someone who would of otherwise been dead. So the price spike is scary. It means less of it in the hands of first responders, friends, and family members which means less lives saved.

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Enabling An Addict – And How To Stop

Often times when you try to help an addict or alcoholic you are actually making it easier for them to continue on abusing drugs and drink. It is one of the most confusing things for parents and friends to understand and it is called enabling. Enabling an addict can take on many different forms, but all in all it allows them to avoid the consequences of their harmful actions.

Enabling Defined

The best way to describe enabling is to look at how it is different from helping. Helping is doing something for someone that they are not capable of doing themselves. Enabling is doing something for someone that they could or should be doing themselves.

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Breaking The Stigma: Disease of Addiction

Addiction for a long time was stigmatized as a moral failing. Addicts and alcoholics were thought to just be bad people. Today though, we know the opposite is true. While many addict and alcoholic’s choice seem to make them bad people what they are is suffering from a disease not a lack of morals. The stigmas of addicts and alcoholics being bad people still follows them around regardless of this knowledge but it is slowly being broken.

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Three Sobering Facts About Opiate Withdrawal

Unfortunately many people find out too late that opiate drug abuse leads to a physical dependence. And once this physical dependence from opiate drug abuse happens there is no way around experiencing the withdrawal if you want to stop. If you want to stop abusing painkillers, oxys or heroin, but are afraid of withdrawal – don’t worry. Every single one of us who is sober today has experienced that same fear.  It is okay to be afraid and it is also totally normal. You are not alone. Here are some things that may set your mind at ease about drug opiate withdrawal:

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A Complete Guide To Alcohol, Opiate and Benzo Withdrawal

So listen, withdrawal symptoms, they aren’t pleasant. I think we all already knew that. If withdrawal symptoms were manageable there wouldn’t be the innumerable amount of detoxes all over the country specifically built for dealing with them. But that isn’t what we are here to talk about; we are here to talk about the details of withdrawal symptoms. So you know you get sick when you stop taking your prescription medication, your alcohol or your painkillers–do you know why? Do you know how?

There are multiple substances that can cause withdrawal symptoms; they are basically every drug on the face on the planet, yes-even alcohol. In fact, alcohol produces some of the worst withdrawal symptoms ever–so bad in fact that they can be potentially fatal depending on their severity. So what is going on in your body to cause this reaction? It isn’t a coincidence that you get super sick when you stop using substances; your body is reacting, sometimes violently.

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The Truth About Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol. It’s socially acceptable. It is something most of the world has done well before the legal drinking age here in the United States. Commercials of the stuff are on TV and they promise so much. They promise clubs, beautiful women, glitter, and gold.

But the truth looks nothing like that.

The truth is alcohol can be ugly. Alcohol is the snake in the grass. It is the one substance that creeps up on you. Alcoholics probably, after a certain point, can see it coming, but they can’t picture the way that alcohol will become a part of them. Physically (penetrating every cell), emotionally, and spiritually. Their liquid courage, their social lubricant, their comfort after a long day suddenly becomes the thing that is killing them quicker than anything else.

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The Five Most Commonly Abused OTC Drugs

Is your medicine cabinet full of drugs that teenagers can abuse?  Over the counter medications, or OTC drugs, can be just as dangerous as prescriptions medications, and they are much easier to obtain.  They also tend to be less expensive which makes them more accessible to teenagers.  Abuse of OTC drugs is most common in teens between 13 and 16 years of age.  Teens are old enough to know what they are doing and old enough to understand the dangers of any kind of drug addiction.  Teens who are rifling through the medicine cabinet for options are also likely to pair over the counter medications with alcohol or illegal drugs which makes them even more dangerous.

medicine cabinet with commonly abused otc drugs

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Three Things to Do Before Drug Detox

Making the decision to get into drug detox can be very scary.  Heading into the unknown always is.  You do not know quite what you are going to go through, so how do you prepare before drug detox? You do not know what withdrawal is going to be like or what you are going to have to deal with in the therapy that follows.  Your whole life is going to be different than it was before.

Committing to drug detox is one of the best decisions that you can make regardless of your fears about it.  If you are suffering from an addiction, a big change in your life may be just what you need.  When you are prepping to take on this rehab journey, there are a few things that you should keep in mind – things to do or not do – so that you can be in the best possible state for getting your addiction under control.

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